3 Simple Tips to Engage Your Audience during Presentations

Scroll down and apply these 3 simple tips to engage your audiences during presentations.

I talked to Mr.Dennis, one of native English tutors at English Today Surabaya who has been teaching effective presentation since 2013. He gave me these 3 simple tips to engage audiences during presentations.

  • Tip 1: Keep Eye Contact to Your Audiences

    There’s a saying “The eyes are the windows to your soul”, keep a warm eye contact to your audiences enables you to engage your audiences as well as hook their attention. Make sure that you don’t only keep your eye contact at one but to all of your audiences.

  • Tip 2: Create Stunning Visual Aid in Your Presentations

    Stunning visual aid helps you to convey your ideas concisely and enables them to keep the main points of your presentations in mind. Make sure that your visual aid is eye-catching and shows your main points clearly.

  • Tip 3: Focus on Your Tones and Pronunciation

    Tones and your pronunciation is a crucial part in presentations. You need to ensure that you won’t speak in monotone and make your audiences fall asleep. Express some emotion in your tones and keep your pronunciation clear.

So in short, you need to keep your eye contact to engage your audiences, create eye-catching graphics and visual aid and last but not least ensure that you won’t speak in monotone voice during your presentations.