3 Areas Where English Is Used Most In The Workplace

3 Areas Where English Is Used Most In The Workplace

In this modern era, having good English gives an additional point in your resume when you are working or looking for a job. People with good English skills have a bigger chance to get a job, higher position or even fast promotion. Why is that so? This happens due to market demand in which English has become a global language throughout the world. It is used in many contexts, either in the workplace, schools, government institutions and many more. People who have good English skills will be more confident as well when they have to deal with partners or clients from other countries. Then, we will discuss further the importance of English in the workplace.

In general, there are three areas where English is used most in the workplace. We will focus more on these three areas further so we have the deeper understanding of each area


1. Emailing

As we know, writing emails is not an easy thing to do even if we write it using our mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia. Emails are considered as a formal way to communicate in digital correspondence. Writing an email itself has many aspects such as the structure of the email, the formal language, the content of the email, etc. We have to know that writing emails in English is different from writing emails in Bahasa Indonesia. We have to pay more attention to the context especially if it is working context; the emails have to be formal. When we write an email in our working routines, realise it or not, we are indirectly writing business emails. In writing business emails, we have to understand that it is different from regular emails. We represent our company or workplace by writing business emails. Like it or not, it has to be professional and formal. If we discuss business emails, we also need to know that business emails have many aspects we need to pay attention to, for example the recipient, it will be a problem if we use casual language in writing email to our superior or someone who is in a higher position than us. We need to make sure that the language used in the email is formal enough. That is only a simple example; there are many other things that we need to pay attention to when we write emails especially for business purposes.


2. Presentation

It is common to give a presentation if we are working. We sometimes need to present our report or our ideas in front of our boss and colleagues. Presentation can be a problem if we do not prepare well. Not only the preparation is important but the content of the presentation should be good enough. We have to make sure that our presentation can deliver what we mean to the audience. The topic, the slides and ourselves must be synchronised in order to make a good presentation. In the preparation, we have to set our objectives first and then prepare the slides. We have to realise that we cannot put all the information we have in the slides, we need succinctly summarize the main points. Then, we will discuss each point. When we need to give a presentation in English, we have to make sure that the language used is suitable enough for the context and audience. If we already prepare well, we can rehearse by trying to speak in front of someone we know well, could be family members or friends, or we can even rehearse in front of the mirror. Practicing regularly will help us maintain ourselves during the presentation especially in managing our time. Giving a presentation in English could be a real challenge if we are not used to it. We may possibly speak too fast or too slow because we are nervous. In that case, small notes are helpful. However, if we manage to present well, we will have more plus points in our skills and our boss and colleagues will surely be impressed by our English presentation skills.


3. Meetings

As we know, meetings are something common in the working world. Some companies or offices may have to hold a meeting almost every day because they want to make sure that everything goes as planned. Through meeting, opinions can be expressed and new ideas come up. Even problems can be solved because the people who are involved in the meeting participate actively. To hold a meeting using English can be another problem if we are not ready for it. We may choose to stay quiet because we are afraid of making mistakes when we have to speak in English. On the other hand, we could express our thoughts or possibly brilliant ideas If we have good English skills. We can just say what we want to say without worrying about the mistakes during the meeting. And of course that is possible if we practice English for Meetings 



After looking through the areas in which English is used often in the workplace, we can really understand that having good English skills will bring more benefits and opportunities. We can impress our employer and colleagues through our English skills. It is also possible for us to be someone who is reliable when there is something related to be done in an English context. If that happens, we will be so proud of ourselves and we can also help others to be as good as we are.


To conclude, English is really important in the workplace because it can take us to something better, such as a higher position, fast promotion and even higher salary. We have to encourage ourselves to improve our English meeting skills further so we can be confident in using English in the workplace. By practicing regularly whenever it is possible, we will surely improve our English skills.