5 Easy Tips on How to Answer Phone Calls Professionally

The way your company’s phone is answered will form your customer’s first impression of your business. Thus, we would like to give you five easy tips on how to answer your phone call professionally.

  1. Answer all incoming phone calls before the third ring

This is an essential part to create a good impression of your business. Most of the time, everyone likes to be prioritized and this attitude creates the impression that your customer is your priority. Moreover, it will lead you to a greater business opportunity.

  1. Welcome callers courteously

It is important to say a few greeting phrases and identify yourself and your company immediately to your callers. Don’t just say “Hello”. There’s no harm in expressing your genuine warmth and greeting your callers courteously.

  1. Train your voice and use of positive vocabulary

It is highly required especially when answering phone calls on a “down day”. A positive vocabulary and a warm tone are ones that focus on helping the customer. For instance, instead of saying “I don’t know”, say “Let me find out about that for you.”

  1. Don’t use slang or buzzwords

Your language when answering a phone call will give a tremendous impact of your company’s reputation. Therefore, instead of saying “Ok”, say “Certainly” or “Very well”. If you’re a person who uses fillers when you speak, such as “um” or phrases such as “like” and “you know”, train yourself to not use these when you speak on the phone.

  1. Take phone messages completely and accurately

If there’s something that you don’t understand or you can’t spell, such as a person’s name, don’t hesitate to ask the caller to repeat it or spell it for you. Then, you need to make sure the message gets to the intended recipient.


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