5 Tips to Learn English from Movies

Watching movies is one of the most exciting activities. In movies, you see impossible things made possible. By watching movies you can learn about moral values, cultures, and the language spoken in the movie. For now, let’s focus on language learning. 

Before we get there, of course, we’ll begin with interesting information for you, fellow ET Mates. Experts agree that Hollywood, USA, holds the biggest film industry in the world which also means that Hollywood is the most productive industry for movies. If you go to the cinema, you will find mostly  Hollywood movies being played. 

So, if watching movies is your hobby, then you must be very familiar with English. But what if we are not familiar with English? No matter how much you love to watch English movies. Let’s be thankful for subtitles  for helping most of us understand English movies. However, subtitles  don’t  give you the  full understanding of the entire content. 

Don’t worry, ET Mates. It is very common not to understand the entire  movie content, especially for people with English as a second language, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot improve. Furthermore, trying to understand English movies without subtitles helps you hone your understanding of the English language too. Take a look at these tips that will make your Netflix subscription a little bit more meaningful. 

1. Prepare a pen and a piece of paper. 

Apart from preparing snacks, preparing a pen and paper could come in handy. We will use them to write down difficult vocabulary, expressions, and idioms. Later, when the movie has ended, you can look up the dictionary or internet for their meaning. 

2. Turn off English subtitles (or any other language subtitles)

Turning subtitles off can sharpen your listening skills . Plus, you can be more focused on the characters’ expressions and reactions instead of reading subtitles. Listening to the dialogues while analyzing characters’ expressions will help you respond to English questions or statements more accurately in the future.

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3. Guess first! 

If you have practiced the two steps above and you have no idea what the character is saying, don’t turn on the subtitles right away. Instead, rewind that last part  and  listen again more carefully. You can also slow the speed, ET Mates. If those two still don’t work, you can try guessing its meaning based on context  and then write it down. Don’t forget to double-check with your dictionary, ET Mates!

4. Memorize what you learn

When you finished learning. It is important to take a look at your note again. We suggest you read it quite often. Read it every day when you are inside your car, on the way to school, or every night before you sleep – better yet, record yourself saying them and play them like an audiobook! This will help your brain absorb  new vocabulary and expressions. Later, these vocabulary  and expressions will become your nature and you will remember them effortlessly.

5. Practice makes perfect 

Don’t be shy to practice what you’ve learned with your friends or english teachers, ET Mates! This is a fun experiment where you can improve your English and see if your listener would react the same way as the movie . 

Watching movies can be fun and educational  at the same time. Now you have solid reasons to watch more movies! However, do not forget to finish your responsibility first and make sure you also learn something new from the movies. Happy watching, ET Mates!