Apply These 5 Tips to Develop Your Writing Skill

Apply These 5 Tips to Develop Your Writing Skill

I talked with one of the trainers of Business English for Report Writing at English Today Bandung and he shared with me five tips to develop our writing skills. Read through this article and apply all of his tips for a brilliant report writing.

  1. Write Grammatically

First of all, it hardly needs saying, that your writing must be grammatically correct. In this respect, the most important points to watch out for are word order, verb tense, complete sentence, spelling, and punctuation. In addition, make sure that you choose the right words to convey your meaning.

  1. Add Plenty of Detail

You must remember that your reader doesn’t know what is going on in your mind. The only way he can know this is by reading your writing. Therefore, include everything that is essential.  Moreover, it is always a good test to ask yourself the question, “If I received that report, would I know precisely what was wanted or what was conveyed?”

  1. Use Familiar Words

One of the golden rules in business writing is “Always use the most familiar word available to you.” Don’t try to impress your reader with unusual or difficult words in an attempt to appear clever because it will be a backfire and cause a misunderstanding.

  1. Cut Out Padding

Another big mistake that many people make is to include unnecessary words. It pads your writing, making it much longer than it need be. Watch carefully for this when criticizing your own work. Keep your paragraphs direct and keep them simple. Your writing will then be a pleasure to read and not the cause of somebody’s headache.

  1. Avoid Ambiguity

Ambiguity is writing or speech that is unclear because it can have more than one meaning. There can be many reasons for ambiguity but two of the commonest ones are concerned with pronouns and participles.  One way to avoid ambiguity is by revising your work at least several hours after you have written it.

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