Are you looking for English course in Bandung?

Bandung is known as a city that is filled by shopping centers, malls and factory outlets. Unsurprisingly there are many people are interested to visit Bandung. Some shopping centers that you can find in this city are Istana Plaza Bandung, Bandung Indah Plaza, Paris Van Java Mall, Trans Studio Mall, Bandung Trade Center, and many more. The trade and service sections play an important role in Bandung’s economy growth. English Today presents English course in Bandung! We help to improve your business English communication skills in sales and marketing.


Shopping centers cannot be separated from sales and marketing. You will see the use of English in every shopping center, i.e. “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”, “Holiday Sale 20% Off”, and other interesting offers in English. Those examples are only a small proportion of the use of English in business world.

How if you are faced with the demand to use English in higher level? What will you do if you are given a task to communicate with international clients, for example making an offer, negotiating and answering questions from customers? Probably you will already feel nervous imagining talking to international clients in English.

Don’t worry! English Today provides English course in Bandung to drive your fear away and to boost your confidence in using business English. English Today’s trainers will help to improve your business English communication skills. We have native trainers and local trainers with the qualifications are the equivalent to the native speakers.

A number of big companies in Indonesia have trusted English Today as their trusted learning partner, such as: Summarecon, Senayan City, BCA, HERO, Traveloka, Garuda, Hankook, Nestle, and many more. We provide business English training with different learning focuses; for negotiation, presentation, meeting, telephoning, etc.

If you have any question about English course in bandung, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please consult with us if you are still uncertain to decide the  best program for your company and business. We are ready to help you.

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