Business English Bandung

Business English module gives you the opportunity to practice communicating in business contexts. Business English Bandung teaches you practical language use through role-play, team work and simulations. This Business English module can be included in one day intensive English training program. English Today offers you the most effective business English program in Bandung. We will make your English learning fun.

English for Negotiation & Negotiation Skills

Business English course Bandung is designed for those who need to negotiate in English. We combine soft skills of negotiating to support the negotiation strategy, non-verbal communication and English for negotiation to enhance verbal language and communication structures.

English for Sales & Sales Skills

Our training program on selling skills will increase the sales results in your team. We focus in the selling psychology, the importance of communication, to build a relationship and also to understand the difference of traditional and modern selling techniques.

English for Banking & Finance

This program is suitable for Economy students all bank personnel such as Auditor Manager, Consultant, Financial Director and Broker. This program facilitates you to improve the use of English, the banking terminologies and finance world. The students will be given a chance to discuss their needs in some particular fields. Furthermore, English Today has devised and held English trainings to some prominent banks in Indonesia..


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