Business English Training in Bandung

Business English Training in Bandung

You’re about to find the best Business English training provider in Bandung. Read through the article and discover who we are and what we do.

English Today is now available in Bandung for those who want to improve their English skills and their career. Our goal is to teach natural and effective Business English. We want our learners to be able to face different business and work situations with confidence and skill.


Relevant and Applicative Business English Materials

As the most trusted Business English training provider in Indonesia, we maintain our commitment to provide the most relevant and applicative business English materials just for you. Some of our business trainings include:

  • Presentation Skills

This is a perfect choice for you who are willing to overcome every obstacle and challenge in English presentations. Find out more about how to overcome blank mind during an important presentation, how to prepare your presentation and how to impress your audience in your presentation with the help of our presentation experts in this program.

  • Negotiation Skills

Create millions of successful and profitable business negotiations with the assistance of our business negotiation tutors. You will be taught about the art of negotiation and how to overcome every challenge in business negotiations with our active-learning method.

  • English for Banking and Finance

Find out more about the most up-to-date English terms in banking and finance. Win over rivalry in banking and finance with a magnificent Business English proficiency in this program.


Accelerated Learning Method

We know the value and significance of excellent Business English fluency and proficiency for you. Therefore, we use accelerated learning method which is proven by more than 150 thousand of our students nationwide as the most effective English learning method. This method allows you to participate actively during the lesson and improve your confidence to communicate in English. Join us now and get all the benefits of our revolutionary English learning method.

More Information about Our Programs

If you would like to get more information about our programs and registration, don’t hesitate to send your questions to our e-mail or call our telephone number +6222 8732 1109