Are you looking for English course place Bandung? “Being fluent in English in both spoken and written” can be found in almost job vacancies. This thing shows that the companies are looking for employees who are good at English or those companies use English in their business activities. English in business is different from the English that you learn at school time. Therefore, English Today comes to give an English course Bandung.

English training for employees is enthused by many companies. Most of the companies take English training for 30 hours for their employees. Every session or meeting lasts for around 2 hours. You probably imagine sitting in a class for two hours, listening to the teacher’s explanation from the beginning until the end of the session, and the doing the exercises. We don’t give a lesson like that! Instead, you will be asked to play games, do a group discussion, simulation, role plays, case study and other interactive activities.

English Today has trained employees, managers, even the companies’ executives through business English training, with the various lesson focuses, for example negotiation, presentation, meeting, telephoning, sales and marketing, tourism and hospitality, banking, etc.

Some well-known companies in Indonesia have chosen English Today as their learning paertner, they are Garuda Indonesia, Djarum, Macdow, Pertamina, Sequislife, Nestle, Traveloka,, HERO, Permata Bank, Daikin, and many more.

It will not be useless for you to join English course Bandung with English Today. We listen to your business needs, and we will design materials that are suitable for your needs. You will get the right business English program! Don’t hesitate to consult with us. We give special time for you.

If you have any question about English course and training Bandung, please contact us. We are ready to help you!

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