It’s Time to Embrace Business English

It may be easy to believe that general English skills are enough to survive in the business world. But core English skills can be limited when employees need to build business relationships with foreign partners and customers. Facilitating professionals with a personalized learning of Business subjects prepares them to productively take part in international business contexts.


What is Business English?

Different from the everyday, conversational English, Business English is a specialized corporate language. It highlights particular vocabularies and skills as the norm to perform business-related tasks.

Business English touches on topics applicable in business-like settings, such as focusing on the necessary to-dos and using certain phrases to appropriately communicate. From marketing, finance, human resources, to law, various professional settings require a distinct level of English knowledge to achieve the specific work targets.


Why Business English?

Corporate life revolves around assignments on writing reports, delivering presentations, making phone calls, writing a formal e-mail, being involved in negotiations, and conducting meetings. Business English helps employees to successfully carry out the above-mentioned industry-specific jobs.

Professionals build their business English capabilities to be an attractive asset to their company. If they master business English, being able to communicate and negotiate with international partners and clients for example, new career opportunities will emerge. Understanding business terms for publication, documenting, and reporting will have a positive effect on the company’s progress.


Why enroll in an English Today course?

We offer customized Business English courses that cover a broad range of topics, namely communication and promotion, meetings and negotiations, and customer relationships. Our laser target Business English series are designed to amplify the professional success. We provide a useful tool to effectively execute career-related jobs.

We provide training that builds skills in international business situations, equipping employees with important terms and simultaneously equipping the required grammar as a foundation. We emphasize confidence in our students as a vital part of improving skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in business contexts. Our enjoyable as well as effective learning methods have constantly proven to be rewarding for our students’ career path.


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