Let me ask a simple question. Isn’t it time that you improved your Business English skills? There are countless English language providers promising miracle results such as ” English fluency in just two weeks but I know that you are smart enough to see through their false promises, however how do you find a reliable English learning partner who can help you achieve your Business English goals?

There are enough pressures in business and life along without the extra stress of using English as a second language, but as we both know this is a reality. Business English skills like chairing and taking part in meetings, understanding and presenting your ideas and company’s position, creating reports and sending e-mails are just a few requirements of a business person in this day and age. A strong ability in Business English usage is essential in rising through the ranks and having the ability to support your family on your terms.

Picture this! All your business English skills have improved with the help of a qualified trainer. You are chairing meetings with confidence, you are presenting your ideas and people have confidence in your plans. As a result you and your business is growing. It is true that Business English ability has a strong correlation with earning power, are your communication skills holding you back? Will you be better able to provide for your family with improved business english communication skills? if the answer is yes, then you need to invest in your future and contact English Today.

The good news is that English Today has been training many of Jakarta’s biggest companies, such as Bank Mandiri, Garuda Indonesia and Air Asia to name a few. We have a proven track record in helping Business’s achieve their English goals, in fact, you can google English Today Testimonials and find numerous videos testifying to English Today quality and ability in helping people achieve their English goals.