kursus bahasa inggris terbaik di bandung

Private English Course in Bandung


Are you looking for Private English classes in Bandung? Are you confused about how to manage the time to attend English classes on the sidelines of your busy life?


English Today has a solution for you. With English Today you can choose the time that suits your schedule, our teachers can also come to your office or to your house.

Don’t want to leave the house in this Covid19 condition? You can choose private classes online with Zoom. So you don’t have to leave the house, you only need an internet connection, your smartphone or tablet.


Private English lessons are more effective 

Also, private English tutoring is much more effective than taking classes. Our teachers can design your own course so that you focus on topics of interest and improve the skills you need day by day.


Our Teachers For Private English Course

Our teachers qualify with CELTA (Cambridge) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). They have worked in the largest English language institute in Jakarta and have extensive knowledge of Indonesian English learners.


Private Online English Class Rates

We offer three private English tutor options: private tutoring with local teachers throughout the program, private learning with local teachers and native teachers and private tutoring with native teachers throughout the program. Each of our online private programs consists of 30 sessions with a duration of 1 hour per session and costs range from IDR 5,250,000 to IDR 10,500,000. You can also invite your friends to join and you can share the cost of the course.


LOCAL English Course

Rp5,250,000, –

1 Level (30 Sessions)COMBO | 50% local teachers 50% native teachers

Rp 7,900,000,

1 Level (30 Sessions)Native | 100% native teachers

• Rp 10,500,000, –

1 Level (30 Sessions)



Do you want to share your course fees with friends, colleagues or even relatives? Or want to make friends and connections while learning English? Kleas Online Small Group English Today could be the answer for you. We understand that learning English, especially online, can seem overwhelming. Therefore, English Today provides small group online English classes via Zoom. English training to help you become your best. Get optimal learning outcomes in less time and enjoy the learning process. We are ready to help you achieve your dreams.