Are you looking for an English course place in Bandung?

There many English course places promise you that you can be fluent in English in a very short time.  But then, there is no result. English Today course institution does not only give a promise but we will give you the real results. We are here to provide business English in Bandung to improve your English communication skills in business context.

Looking at your increasing needs of English, English Today asks you to learn English focusing on the business world. You can learn to write emails, make reports, talking in a meeting, give a presentation, negotiating, telephoning in English and many of our other programs.

We care for your needs. Therefore, we only work with the trainers that are certified and skilled in their fields. English Today’s trainers have had d a plenty of training experiences in many companies focusing on business English that is designed based on your needs or your company needs.

What makes English Today different from other English course places for employees or other English training centres? We devise our business English materials based on your company’s needs. We give the lessons base on authentic application, not only theories. We set up the lessons interestingly based on simulations, group works and role plays.

Who can learn English in Bandung at English Today?

We have trained many employees, managers, company executives in tourism and hospitality industries, automotives, banking and many more. Some of our clients are Garuda, OLX, Telkom Indonesia, Hankook, Zurich, BNI. Many companies have chosen English Today to become their trusted learning partner. How about you? Are you ready to get better English abilities?

If you have any question about English course place in Bandung, contact us now. We are ready to help you.

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