English for Adults

This program can be done in private classes for the companies. We hold pre testing before the course starts to place you in the right level. That also helps in formulating the syllabus. English Today Bandung will send one of our professional teachers to you. You don’t need to worry about traffic jam anymore, let us face it for you. The only thing that you have to do is enjoying English for Adults program and the English training.

Business English Conversation

This program is suitable for busy students who don’t have time to go to English training center to learn. After doing the detailed consultation, we will create an effective program for you and bring together an English instructor for you to support you through the learning process.

Business English

This program will equip you with the abilities to improve English conversation skill in working environment, such as in meeting, appointment, giving a presentation and phone conversation.

Hospitality English

Are you working at the hotel? Let our teachers cooperate with you in teaching you the use of English in hotel business (hospitality). We use role play, authentic materials, videos and audios to support your learning. The English learning itself can be categorized for some departments in the hotel. Our instructors have ample of experiences in hospitality and have ever been in a position of Senior HR and Training in some resorts and five-star hotels.

English for call center and telecommunication professionals

To be able to speak English clearly and effectively is a must for the call center team because they don’t have the chance to talk face to face with the customers. During the program, you will practice on speaking using intonation, stress, accent and focus on the target language to help your daily tasks. This program also covers up-selling session, negotiation skill and the strategies to handle the difficult customers.

English for sales and marketing professionals

This program focuses on the importance of English and role play to enable the sales and marketing professionals through selling process in English. We follow the basic steps from the selling process and focus on the technique and target language.

English for Executive Directors and CEO’s

The Executive Directors and Chief Executive Officers often need to speak English to have a smooth communication in the highest level. We will work together with you in developing your communication skills in some areas, such as meeting, presentation, negotiation, business writing and also public speaking skill..