English Language Institute in Bandung

English Today Bandung is an English language institute in Bandung that provides the best solution to your every obstacle in learning English. What solutions do we have for you? Scroll down the article to find out more about our language English course.

Socializing Confidence

This is the most suitable program for you who often interact with foreign business clients. In this socializing confidence training program, you will be able to speak English confidently and enjoy your every form of business and social interactions in English.

English for Business Report Writing

Do you have difficulties in business report writing especially in English? We have English for Business Report Writing program to improve your business report writing skills. Moreover, you will not only learn about business report writing but you will also learn to speak English confidently and fluently. Enroll in this program to write business report writing magnificently and accurately.

English Camp

Do you feel bored to learn English in a class? We offer a brand new way to learn English more effectively and more excitingly with our English camp program. With this program, you can learn English through tons of fun activities at the most beautiful place that you want. Consult your English camp program with us and enjoy abundant benefits of it.

Private English Class

We have private English class for those who are willing to improve their English skills with high flexibility program, a dedicated private English tutor as well as applicative learning materials. Register on our private English class now and attain native-like English proficiency.

Online English Course

If you want to learn English at the most affordable price with the help of a professional English teacher and a fine-tuned English program, we have an online English course, English Today Online. For more details, visit www.english-today-online.com

Seize the opportunity to maximize your English proficiency with our English learning programs. Don’t hesitate to dial our number +6222 8732 1109 or visit our website www.english-today-bandung.com