English Presentations

All great presenters develop interests through their topics and the excitement to give the presentations. Enthusiasm is contagious and can influence the audiences. The successful public speaker is always able to deliver the message to its audiences. Do you have ideas or opinions that you cannot express in English? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

There are many things contribute to successful presentation: the relevant and unique content, clear structure, good visual aids and the ability to gain laughter from the audience and clear understanding of your message.

What type of language and structure that make you sound convincing?

English Today helps you to recognize the main elements that are used by all effective presenters. The importance of building the theme, arrange the talk and the use of visual aids can be found in the first part of English Today Bandung program. The other parts focus on the speech and delivery.

As a presenter, the abilities to measure the speech speed and duration and also make use the sounds to create an impression are the most important abilities that you need to sell your message. Your message will be more effective if you could control your voice with stresses, pauses, and right volume.

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