Are you looking for English training Bandung?

Companies must be selective in looking for the English course institution for their employees. Many English course institutions that promise the fluent English in very short time. English Today cares for your business English need. Therefore, we provide courses and trainings for employees and companies in Bandung with real application.

English Today provides Business English lesson for employees, managers and company executives in all fields. Business English enables you to communicate in business context, for negotiation, meeting, presentation, telephoning, report writing or email, etc.

Are you afraid to be bored when studying business English with us?

You will not go back to the school system by just listening to the teacher’s explanation for hours, the doing the exercises. On the other hand, you will interact a lot with the teacher and your colleagues. You will be involved in an interactive activity, such as group discussion, games, simulation, role play and many else.

Some big companies in Indonesia have chosen English Today as their learning partner. Some of them are: Pertamina, Nestle, BNI, AirAsia, GTA Construction, Lotte Mart, Harris Hotel, HERO, OLX Indonesia, and many more.

Before deciding to take a business English program, some companies consult with us first to determine the suitable business English program so that the learning focus will be on track with their English need.

So, if you still feel confused or doubtful to decide which business English program that you should take, come and consult with us. We are ready to assist you to choose the best program for you and your employees.

If you have any questions regarding the English course and training Bandung, do not hesitate to contact us.

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