You don’t want to join an English course because you have bad experiences in your previous English course place? Almost all English course places have the learning activity that starts with listening to the teacher’s explanation and then continue with doing the exercises. They forget that practicing is as important as doing the exercises itself. English Today brings the learning model: learning by doing through English private course in Bandung.

Yes, you will learn by doing. You will practice through group discussion, simulation, games, role plays, etc. Those interactive activities based on authentic situation that you often face in business environment: negotiation, presentation, telephoning, business reports writing or emailing, and many more.

If you are type of very shy person, easily distracted or someone who does not want to lose reputation in front of your employees, a private course is the best choice for you. The most important criteria to learn English conversation us that you can speak comfortably!

Making mistakes is a must in the class because this means that you motivate yourself to use the new structure and then learn it again when you are corrected! If making mistakes in front of people is too embarrassing for you, then, a private course is the appropriate solution for you!

If you are someone who like to joke around with your friends, easy to work with others or learn from other mistakes, then, group class is the best solution for you! Find some friends who are interested in learning English conversation and request the class together. You will learn how to speak about the topics that interest you, with your friends in a natural way.

Pertamina, Djarum, Nestle, HERO, Macdow, BNI, Sushi Tei, Carl’s Jr., Harris Hotel, Ismaya Group, Traveloka, OLX, Telkomsel, and many other companies that have felt the real results from the English conversation class from English Today.

If you have any question about a private English course in Bandung, do not hesitate to contact us.

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