There are many course places that give a boring learning time. One of the causes is the method. The teacher dominates the classroom while students just listen to the teacher’s explanation. Taking a private course then becomes your consideration. You think that all learning times will be filled by the trainer’s explanation. However, those things are not going to happen if you study with English Today through the private course in Bandung to improve your English communication skills.

You are the star, not the teacher. Our trainers understand that you need to practice, you don’t need the theories that you will never use in your working environment. Therefore, in learning process, you will be asked to involve in interactive activities based on the situation that you often face in working place. You will do group discussion, simulation, role plays, etc.

We help you to improve your English communication skills for various business purposes, ranging from presentation, negotiation, telephoning, and business reports writing. There are many of our business English programs that can be the answers to your needs.

How can you join English private course? Ask your friends to study together with you. Of course, you will feel comfortable when studying with people that you already know before. You will have a small group to join English private course in the place and time that we agree on together with English Today trainer. It is not you that come to our place but we come to your place! Another benefit is that you can choose either to learn with our local trainers or our native trainers!

Do you need to spend much money to join a private English course in Bandung? English Today provides business English lessons with affordable price. If you join a private course with your study group, the fee that you need to pay is lower. Especially if you propose business English course and training to your company, the course and training fees will be all covered by the company. And of course, we have a special deal for you who want to join English course and training for employees/company.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question about the course fee or other questions. We are ready to help you.

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