To Learn English Fast Viedo. Are you looking for a video to learn English fast?

Many people ask how they can learn English fast. Do you feel hopeless because of spending time for learning English, but your English doesn’t even get better? English Today has the video for learning English fast.

One of English Today’s trainers, Ms. Engliven, gives many videos about learning English tips. She uploads the fast way to learn any languages. How can you learn English fast?

  • Spare 5 minutes a day to learn English
  • Read news in English
  • When you don’t understand the meaning of some words, look up for the meaning on the dictionary (you can use dictionary in Android).

English Today’s trainers will help you to find the fast way to learn English. We don’t give theories that you will never use in working environment. Instead, you will be asked to be involved in interactive activities, such as games, group discussion, simlulations and role plays based on situations in working environment that you often face.

We care for your needs. Therefore, we provide various business English programs. If you need to communicate in English in presentation, we have Perfect Presentation. If you need negotiation skills, we have Negotiation Skills,. If you need customer service skills, we have Customer Service Skills. There are still many of our programs that focus on various business English.

We have native trainers, and local trainers that have English qualifications that are equivalent to the native speakers. Our trainers have had CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults), an English teaching certificate for adults.

Many big companies in Indonesia have trusted English Today as their trusted learning partner, such as Summarecon, Senayan City, BCA, HERO, Traveloka, Garuda, Hankook, Nestle, and many more. We give English trainings focusing on various lessons; for negotiation, presentation, meeting, telephoning, etc.

If you have any question about learning English with English Today, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

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