Bank Mandiri

Customer Testimonial: Mandiri Bank

It has been a great pleasure providing the 34 Executive Directors of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk with our Corporate Climbers program. We hope to continue this training in the forthcoming year. Business English Corporate Climbers focus on specific areas of interests relevant to the corporate needs. Our trainers have extensive experience in the industry and have made significant improvement in the language ability of our students.

Pacific Place

Customer Testimonial: Pacific Place

We are truly grateful to PT Pacific Place Jakarta for choosing us as your Business English training provider. Thank you for giving our trainers, Mr. Joe and Mr. Yudi the opportunity to teach Business English for Engineering from July to September 2018. Our achievements together would not have been possible without your cooperation.

Zalora Indonesia

Client Testimonial from Zalora Indonesia

Thank you, Zalora Indonesia, for trusting English Today and for letting our trainers (Mr. Mark, Mr. Yudi, Ms. Faith, and Ms.Sri) deliver high-quality Business English materials, namely English for Presentations, English for E-mail Writing, and English for Report Writing. Our objective is to be a trusted partner in enhancing the professional and English skills of employees.


Customer Testimonial: PT.Manulife Indonesia

Ms. Puri of English Today has successfully held an engaging Business English class at PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia. The classes were fun and informative, providing the students with the skills relevant to their daily professional lives. We hope our students carry the lessons when entering more into the business world.

AON Indonesia

Customer Testimonial: PT AON INDONESIA

PT AON Indonesia is one of our clients who benefitted from a few of our classes such as English for Negotiations and English for Presentations taught by Ms. Sally. We would like to take this opportunity to thank PT AON Indonesia for choosing English Today to offer your company practical learning resources and highly qualified trainers.

Traveloka Jakarta

English Today Jakarta Testimonial

Business English sessions delivered by Mr. Daniel allowed the employees of Traveloka Jakarta (​PT Trinusa Travelindo) ​for a deeper understanding of English knowledge in business contexts. Our trainer was able to not only bring fun into the class, but also teach the essential career skills necessary to survive the business world.

Traveloka Bali

English Today Bali Testimonial

We appreciate the kind expression of appreciation in our Business English programs given by Traveloka Bali, and are especially grateful for the 3-month training aimed to increase the employees’ professional capabilities. We are proud to have improved our students’ self-confidence in English and look forward to serving you more.

Traveloka Surabaya

English Today Surabaya Testimonial

Thank you, Traveloka (​PT Trinusa Travelindo)​, for trusting English Today to be your source for top quality English language training service. Delivering Business English lessons (Presentation, Meeting, and E-mail Writing), Mr. Joe is said to have taught the classes very well and the students had genuine fun in learning new things together.

Traveloka Makassar

English Today Makassar Testimonial

Thank you, Traveloka Makassar (​PT Trinusa Travelindo)​, for being our valued client. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you with a 3-month Business English class by Mr. Bryan and meeting your business-related needs. We hope you have acquired strong comprehension in Business English.

Senayan City

English Today™ - Senayan City Indonesia (Testimonial)

Our clients at Senayan City (PT Manggala Gelora Perkasa) are happy and satisfied with our program English for Front Liners. With deep knowledge of Business English and passion for teaching, Mr. Joe applies effective methods tofacilitate learning and he inspires his students to boost confidence when learning English.

Christian Louboutin

English Today™ - Christian Louboutin Indonesia (Testimonial)

Thank you, Christian Louboutin Jakarta, for signing up for English Today’s Business English course. We hope you enjoyed Mr. Joe’s sessions as our trainers are trained to offer brilliant teaching styles and promote self-confidence in English for personal and professional lives.


Business English Training Jakarta

Thank you very much for choosing us, PT Djarum. We are very honored to have clients like Djarum. Our trainers have years of experience and thus deep knowledge of subject matters, covering English for Presentations, English for E-mail Writing, and English for Report Writing. We are looking forward to teach you more in the following years.