Online English Class in Bandung

Are you looking for a language course that provides online English classes in Bandung?
English Today is the right answer for you.

Want to know how to improve your English skills with Online English classes?

Online English Class

 Using English regularly or continuously is one of the important elements which is the key to success in language development and communication. But with busy work schedules, traffic jams and work-life balance and the current COVID19 pandemic, it often means that consistency in practicing English is a challenge for busy professionals.

Don’t worry, English Today provides a solution for this with our online learning facilities. Participants can learn with English Today materials and teachers and continue their class without worrying about time and location. 

The most effective way to become fluent in English is to have regular conversations in English. Do you still remember learning English at school? You can learn all the grammar rules in the world, you can memorize millions of words, but if you don’t practice speaking English regularly, you won’t be able to speak English fluently.

Learning to speak English is like improving your health, you cannot maintain your diet once a month and hope to find improvement in your health, so in practicing English you have to make speaking English a part of your routine. YOU can experience tremendous progress just speaking English every day for 1 hour per day!

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Program Objectives Online English Class

  • Speak English with Confidence
  • Access to quality English trainers who will help you improve your English quickly and effectively
  • Become more confident in speaking English at work in face-to-face situations or over the phone
  • Asking questions correctly in English, useful for continuing the conversation.
  • Improve your fluency and reduce doubts
  • Practice talking about topics that interest you!

With English Today online classes you can practice your English every day wherever and whenever.

Adjust to your current finances whether you take private online classes or small group online classes. Do your classes at night after work or during your recess. With the flexibility of online classes you can continue to follow your course and practice your English. With the online course you can choose your own schedule, 2 sessions a week, 60-90 minutes each. You can also choose your own teacher. Do you want a native teacher? Local teacher? Or a combination of the two.