Corporate Climbers Bandung

Business English Training Program in Bandung

You need a Business English Training Program in Bandung? Or do you want to provide training for your employees in Bandung? Welcome to English Today, the Business English Training Program. Corporate Climbers is a Business English training program based on highly innovative and interactive skills that you can customize to suit your needs.

This program is suitable for the multinational companies, hotel and hospitals. We have provided many English programs and trainings for many companies in Indonesia. This program consists of eight-week meetings (twice meetings in a week) and covers all materials from the workbook and handouts.

Business English Corporate Climbers Bandung is very interesting and focuses on the areas that are relevant with industries, companies and hotels for intermediate English speakers. We see the significant progress in the language skills and the confidence of our students after accomplishing this program. The instructors of this program also have plenty of experiences in industrial companies. 

Effective Meetings

Confused about how to deal with nervousness in leading a meeting that is conducted in English? This training module is oriented towards role playing as a tool and strategy to build your self-confidence faster.

  • Asking questions and clarifying
  • Giving a report in a meeting
  • Starting a meeting
  • Leading a meeting
  • Giving opinions
  • Using diplomatic language
  • Responding to controversial issue

Excellent Telephoning & Report Writing

Are you required to produce a structured and detailed report in English? This module will assist you in applying a consistent format for creating reports.

  • Greeting
  • Taking notes
  • Making appointment schedule
  • Adjusting appointment schedule
  • Handling complaints
  • Requesting politely
  • Asking direct and indirect questions
  • Exchanging information

Perfect Presentations

How can you tell a story, engage your audience, get them inspired and sell your product or idea. These modules provide a road map for delivering effective presentations.

  • Presentation structures
  • Techniques
  • Innovations and passion
  • Language focus
  • Information delivery
  • Self introduction and your topic introduction
  • Connectors
  • Personal and impersonal styles
  • Diagram and graphic descriptions
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Visual aids
  • Individual presentation practice

Negotiation Skills

Difficulty negotiating what you have to do with English? This module will help you understand how to strategize and understand the phrases used in negotiations, as well as the specific language involved in negotiations.

  • Opening a  negotiation
  • Negotiation process
  • Cross culture
  • Customers’ demands
  • Suppliers’ demands
  • Bargaining and closing negotiation
  • Strategies and understanding

From these modules that Corporate Climbers has, you can choose which module you or your company needs. So that you can apply the Business English training that you take into your life in the business world.