Active Listening Skills- A Key to Successful Business Negotiations

Besides a well-organized preparation and a thorough review about the opposite party, there’s another aspect of negotiations which is usually overlooked by negotiators. The aforementioned aspect is active listening skills. Keep reading to find out the secret to improve your active listening skills and the best place to learn active listening and negotiation skills.


4 Useful Tips to Become a Skillful Active Listener

Here are four useful tips to become a skillful active listener:

  • Showing Your Interest

You can show your genuine interest to the opposite party by using body language or brief verbal replies such as “Yes”, “OK” or “I see”. This encourages the other person to continue talking and relinquish more control of the situation to the negotiator.

  • Asking Open-ended Questions

Use open-ended questions instead of “why” questions which could imply interrogation. Effective open-ended questions include “Can you tell me more about that?”, “Could you help me better understand by explaining further?” By asking open-ended questions, you will be able to understand the opposite party and ultimately create a successful negotiation.

  • Paraphrasing

Tell the other person what you heard them say, either by quoting them or summarizing what they said. It implies that you’re paying attention while they’re talking to you and ensure that you’re getting closer to a successful business agreement.

  • Using Effective Pauses

People tend to speak to fill in the spaces in a conversation. Therefore, you should consciously create a space that will encourage the other person to speak and, in the process, provide additional information.


The Best Place to Learn About Active Listening Skills and Negotiation Skills

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