Make your own English conversation class in Bandung!

You often feel nervous, confused and suddenly you get blank when you are asked to speak English. Especially if the person who asks you to is a native speaker. You are afraid if your intonation sounds weird, mispronunciation and grammatical mistakes. As a result, you look like spacing out and cannot give responses other than smiles, nods or short answer like “Yes” or “No”. If those actions are the responses that you give, then you will be seen as someone who is impolite because you look like lazy to talk to your interlocutor at that moment. Actually, you don’t want to do so. Let’s fix your mistakes in the past. Make your own English conversation class in Bandung with English Today.

Find friends that have the same interest in learning English as you do. You can create a small group to learn English conversation in the place and the time that you agree on.

Before starting the English conversation class, you and your partners will take the speaking test, not a written test, to measure your English speaking skill.

The speaking test will cover questions in all tenses, for examples:

Present Simple: talking about routines
Present Continuous: describing activity that you are doing right now
Present Perfect: talking about what you have achieved this year/things that you have not done yet. Past Simple: talking about the things that you did last year, last month, last week or yesterday. Past Continuous: talking about what you were doing or the event happened in the past i.e. when you talked about what you were doing when you heard about Sarinah bomb terror.
Past Perfect: talking about something that had been done, seen or heard.
Future Simple: talking about what you will do tomorrow, next week or next month.\
Future Continuous: talking about the thing that you will surely be doing at this time in the upcoming year.                                                                                                                          Future Perfect: talking about something that you or other people will have achieved in the end of the year.

After the speaking test is done, the only thing that you need to do is choosing the schedule and place. English today will send qualified trainer to teach you at the time and place that is comfortable for you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

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